A discussion on secs accusation of the defendants of disseminating false information through various

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A discussion on secs accusation of the defendants of disseminating false information through various

Before I begin, let me give the required disclaimer that the views I express here today are my own and do not necessarily represent the views of the Commission or its staff.

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This has been a year of transition for us. In May, we welcomed Jay Clayton as our new Chairman. While new leadership certainly brings about all sorts of change, one thing that will not change is the mission of the Enforcement Division — to protect investors. But how we protect investors — specifically, what we identify as our priorities and how we allocate resources to meet those priorities — is subject to change.

And so Steve and I have used this time to step back and take a fresh look at what we are doing and ask ourselves: What are our priorities?

Are we allocating our resources in the best way possible to address those priorities? Is there something we should change? So, what are our priorities? As all of you know, Enforcement has a very broad mandate — we cover a lot of ground across the securities markets. One need only look at our various units, task forces, and working groups, as well as the cases we bring, to get a sense of our landscape.

At a high level, our greatest priorities and where we allocate our limited resources do not really change over time, and nor should they.

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We are always going to be focused on retail investors. These are often the most vulnerable market participants who are most in need of our protection. We are also always going to be focused on cyber-related issues, which are only continuing to increase in number and impact.

Finally, we are always going to be focused on issues raised by the conduct of investment advisers, broker-dealers, and other registrants, on financial fraud and disclosure issues involving public companies, and on insider trading.

And that leads to the next questions: Are we allocating our resources in the best possible way to address those priorities? Here, we do think there is more we can do to align our resources with two of our key priorities — specifically, retail and cyber.

To be sure, we have long focused resources in both of these areas, but we think that some structural change and strategic focus will enable us to better fulfill our investor protection mission. Of course, protecting the retail investor has long been at the heart of what we do in Enforcement.

So how will this effort be different from our other efforts in this space?


In short, this group will look at the many ways that retail investors intersect with the securities markets and look for widespread misconduct.

It will draw from our experience in the retail space and elsewhere to identify strategies that have worked well for us across all kinds of cases, particularly those in which we used data analytics and technology. It will then apply those strategies and investigative techniques more broadly to look for incidents of widespread misconduct targeting retail investors.

We are increasingly able to identify threats to retail investors — everything from registrant-based threats to microcap-based threats — through the use of data analytics.

We want to think strategically, at a high level, about what to look for, how to do it, and how to efficiently pursue it. There are all sorts of ways to use technology to slice and dice data and apply analytics to look for all kinds of problems — by product, by investor type, by location, by sales or trading practice, by fee, you name it.

A discussion on secs accusation of the defendants of disseminating false information through various

There are also other tools and techniques that can be used across data sets to identify suspicious activity, make connections, and aggregate and analyze information. We are going to look to the Task Force to identify those uses of data analytics that can be scaled more broadly, and that can be used in targeted ways to identify misconduct.

The Task Force will work with others in Enforcement — like the Office of Market Intelligence and our Center for Risk and Quantitative Analytics — as well as with others in the Agency — like the Division of Economic and Risk Analysis DERA — to consider ways to apply new tools and technologies, like text analytics and machine learning, to the vast amounts of trade and other data that we have, including the more than 16, tips, complaints and referrals that the Commission receives every year — to cover the broad landscape of conduct that directly affects the retail investor, in the most strategic and efficient way possible.

While the Task Force will have a dedicated staff, it will not generally be responsible for conducting investigations. The idea is for them to develop ideas and strategies, and then apply and analyze the results of those ideas to identify areas where there are problems.

As they identify issues, they typically will refer further investigative work to staff across the Division. The issues we see in this space are extensive and often involve widespread incidents of misconduct, such as charging inadequately disclosed fees, and recommending and trading in wholly unsuitable strategies and products.

Some more specific examples of some of the problems we are continuing to see: Investment professionals steering customers to mutual fund share classes with higher fees, when lower-fee share classes of the same fund are available.

These can be highly volatile products that are generally intended as a hedge against exposure to downward moving markets, and that face a long-term high risk of losing their principal.

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We have brought a number of cases addressing these issues — many of which were found using technology and data analytics — but, of course, there is more out there.Conduct in violation of the criminal laws of a state, the federal government, or a local jurisdiction, for which there is no legally acceptable justification or excuse.

The offence of False Accusations is contained in section of the Crimes Act which states: A person who makes an accusation intending a person to be the subject of an investigation of an offence, knowing that other person to be innocent of the offence, is liable to imprisonment for 7 years.

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Various internal investigations lead the LAPD to fire Joaquin for a false accusation of sexual harassment made to avoid disciplinary action.

The decision is upheld during a Board of Rights Hearing – a formal proceeding by two sworn officers and one civilian. Dec 16,  · The U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission today sued six former executives of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, saying they oversaw the dissemination of false financial information .

reviewing and/or disseminating the false and misleading statements and information alleged herein, were aware, or recklessly disregarded, that the false and misleading statements were being issued regarding the Company, and approved or ratified these statements, in violation of the federal securities laws.

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