Audi murphy the real hollywood hero essay

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Audi murphy the real hollywood hero essay

Audi murphy the real hollywood hero essay

By Mike McGrath Sign up for our newsletters Subscribe Audie Murphy, the most decorated soldier of World War II, later ended a long and undistinguished film career with a cameo role in a B western that, lacking postproduction financing, was never released in the United States.

Divorced, bankrupt, and prone to violent outbursts, Murphy barely escaped conviction in when he was brought up on assault charges by a dog trainer.

Shortly before his death inMurphy fell in with a minor underworld figure who had a shady scheme to obtain an early release for Jimmy Hoffa. Why Murphy should have chosen Hoffa as his cause is not altogether clear. He seems to have expected to make some money from the venture, but how is also not clear.

Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin Audie Murphy was hailed a national hero and awarded the Medal of Honor for his jaw dropping exploits at Holtzwihr. Not wanting to risk the life of its newest celebrity soldier, the Army reassigned. Audie Murphy - Rejected twice for war service, this scrawny Texas farm boy became America's most decorated WWII hero--and a movie star. Audie Murphy: A Life Larger Than Legend. Cagney put Murphy up for a time in his Hollywood home and provided him with acting classes, but after two years, the country’s most decorated soldier was .

It adds up to an uninspiring end for a man who had once been not just a war hero, but the embodiment of a democratic American ideal.

The son of an impoverished tenant farmer, Audie Leon Murphy could have sprung straight from the head of an Allied propagandist: During the war, Murphy survived three amphibious landings, earned the Congressional Medal of Honor and the French Croix de Guerre, and killed an estimated soldiers.

When he returned from the war, his boyishly handsome face was on the cover of Life magazine. He had become a kind of national folk hero. In the end, at a personal level, Audie belongs with Elvis Presley, whom women thought he resembled in goodmannered shyness, and Howard Hughes, whom he resembled in his nocturnal paranoia.

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Audie, Elvis, and Hughes were all representatives of American dreams gone astray. We prefer video fantasy--Rambo--a kind of MTV celebration of American machismo in which the nation wins that unpopular war it never should have fought and which, of course, it lost.

Audie Murphy could have had Sylvester Stallone for breakfast. Audie Murphy was the real thing, not some pumped up, aerobicized palooka.

Audie Murphy: A Life Larger Than Legend - America in WWII magazine

This was not as common an attribute as we might imagine. Graham quotes one military historian who estimates that only 25 percent of World War II infantrymen ever fired their weapons during battle. They should have surrendered.

Instead they mount two beautiful white horses and gallop away. My act is instinctive. Dropping to one knee, I fire twice. The men tumble from the horses, roll over and lie still.

Now that I have shed my first blood, I feel no qualms; no pride; no remorse.


There is only the weary indifference that will follow me throughout the war. His actions at a battle dubbed Colmar Pocket, for instance, were nothing short of astounding.Audie Murphy: Audie Murphy, American war hero and actor who was one of the most-decorated U.S.

soldiers of World War II.

He notably jumped onto a burning tank destroyer to turn its machine gun on enemy troops. His notable films included The Red Badge of Courage and To Hell and Back.

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Fukuoka | Japan Fukuoka | Japan. Breaking news and analysis from Politics, world news, photos, video, tech reviews, health, science and entertainment news. Reading: The Last American War Hero Audie Murphy was sort of a Ronald Reagan in reverse--a genuine hero whose stature was diminished .

Audie Murphy was hailed a national hero and awarded the Medal of Honor for his jaw dropping exploits at Holtzwihr. Not wanting to risk the life of its newest celebrity soldier, the Army reassigned.

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