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Rewrite a sentence tool

You have to rewrite and rewrite and rewrite until you nail it. The good news is, you can fix just about anything. It only takes elbow grease and time. Akers After your idea, rewriting is the single most important thing. And so has every other professional writer.

Beginners, oddly, expect the first thing that spews from their printer will be gold. Perhaps I should work on it a bit more. Writing is not an event, like Athena being born fully-formed from the head of Zeus. You mess with it. You study it, you work on it, re-do it and put it away.

Then you look at it again and work some more. Do something to it.

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Do something else to it. Story The hard one. The reeeeeally important one. Pretend Judge Judy is looking at your draft, being an obnoxious critic. If you don't have a good answer for why something is there, she hammers you flat.


You must turn into your own Judge Judy. This is not easy. If you love it when you write it and you love it when you read it, you're probably in trouble. Put it away for a while and ask tough questions when you drag it out for the rewrite.

Have you read it out loud? Does the story communicate what you wanted it to? Do you start the story late enough? Have you eliminated most, if not all, backstory from the first act? Do you have the right main character?

rewrite a sentence tool

Does the main character change? Can characters can be cut or combined? Is the hero in the crusher all the time? Do we care about the character and her problem?Most effective and robust Text or Article Rewriting tools those are % free?

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Improving one's sentence fluency requires examination of one's own use of writing is best taught during mini-lessons for writer's workshop when students have .

Author of Your Screenplay Sucks! William M. Akers gives practical advice on how to approach a rewrite of your script.

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