Vertex case team 2

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Vertex case team 2

Case Manager at Vertex Pharmaceuticals • Disabled Person

Cole, Firstly, thanks very very much for your reply. Originally Posted by drcole The other hairs in this photo look ok. Originally Posted by drcole So, are you saying that all the grafts fell out after they resumed growth?

How do i know this, 2 reasons. It was very easy for me to identify these two grafts consistently, due to the permanent red mark i have on my hairline, which you can see in the pic.

Vertex case team 2

I watched these two grafts grow for about 2 weeks albeit they grew very slowlythen one day they were gone. The second reason i know my grafts grew and fell out, is because i visited my HT surgeon at 9 months post op and he pulled some of my transplanted hairs out with tweezers.

Here are a few points that may also be relevant.

Case Manager at Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Before my surgery, i had a massive shed on my hairline, due to the minoxidil. On the day of surgery, we agreed on 1, grafts, due to the shed. On retrospect, i should have delayed the surgery. The grafts were in Hypothermosol. I was in surgery for almost hours.

This continued for 9 months post-op. My HT surgeon said it was telogen effluvium, but when i went to a dermatologist at 8 months post op, he did a hair biopsy and told me it was just aggressive MPB.

I was losing hundreds of hairs daily for almost 9 months. Me and my HT surgeon agreed that I should stop the minoxidil, as we thought I may be experiencing a bad reaction to it.

My HT surgeon believed that the grafts were falling out because of the intense shedding i was going through. He said they would eventually regrow.

My shedding has stopped for almost 2. Will the grafts re-grow again Would you recommend a biopsy in 6 months time, if i still have no re-growth?

Vertex case team 2

I was an NW2 pre-op with hairline thinning only. Thanks again for your reply Dr. Cole and sorry for the length of the post.


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where (h,k) is the location of the vertex. In your case. h=3 and k=-4, so the vertex is located at the point (3,-4). Team 2 - Vertex Pharmaceuticals case. Which of the 4 project portfolio options currently facing Vertex do you favor?

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